“Because I’m still nonverbal, it is hard for me to express myself.” - Jessley-Jae

My name is Jessley-Jae. I am six years old and I have an autism diagnosis. I’m still nonverbal, and sometimes have difficulty processing stimuli.

This can make me feel over-stimulated. I’m caring, sweet and generally happy. I’m also strong of character, and not afraid of a challenge. How I experience life with autism? Because I’m still nonverbal, it is hard for me to express myself which can often be frustrating for me. Furthermore, my mother and grandmother support me a lot. Personally I don’t really have any difficulty with having the diagnosis.

I am proud of who I am, but especially of who I’m allowed to be. My mother and I together try to increase awareness of autism, with our TikTok @‌lifeofjsi_. We notice this is catching on, which we love because there is often one certain image of autism. I notice that people in my environment and outside have more understanding and knowledge when dealing with me.

A tip for anyone with the same diagnosis as I: Be happy and proud of who you are. Even with the diagnosis you are special and unique. We may walk our own path, but we too can achieve what we want.

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