“Keep in touch with what feels good for you.” - Adinda

I’m Adinda and I am 12 years old. I have autism and dyslexia. Because of this I often feel different from others - especially at school.

I’m very well-behaved and honest. I like to follow the rules. When I feel at ease, I love to chat.

Because of my autism, my head sooner feels full, and I feel sad more easily. Additionally, it’s hard that people often don’t understand me.

I’m very proud of my bond with my pets. I have a dog (Mickey) and two guinea pigs (Beertje and Teddy). Also, I’m proud of doing well at school - with some extra support. The coming year I’ll be going to class 8 (Tn: final year of Dutch elementary school level), that is a bit stressful for me.

My tip for people with autism is mainly to stay true to yourself, and to keep well in touch with what feels good for you.

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