"I was diagnosed with ASD in my primary school days". - Gwynne

I am Gwynne and I am 16 years old. I have been diagnosed with ASD and generalised anxiety disorder, but I can really take a little rough stuff. I was diagnosed with ASD in my primary school days. This came as a shock to me, because I had very strong opinions about people with autism. When I looked into it more deeply, I discovered that the autism diagnosis actually suited me very well. I have had many negative experiences in my years of life. But I don't let that hold me back.

About six years ago, I developed an anxiety disorder for vomiting. After spending 2 years in anxiety, I climbed back out of the dark. For this, I am most proud.

And this is also immediately what I want to pass on to girls/women: after dark rainy days there will always be sunshine. And it's okay not to be okay. So remember that well!

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