"Do the bicycle pump." - Nova

I am Nova (9 years old). I think of myself as special because I have autism. I am easily overstimulated and then I need peace and quiet to calm my little head down again. I am also sweet, caring and I can run really fast.

Autism makes my head full. This can make me cry and then I end up with a headache. I am also very sensitive to loud noises. My autism has ensured that I am now in a good school where the teachers understand me. And I like that.

I am proud that I can run really fast. Things are also getting better at school; I can now read and do maths much better. Also that I got my ABC swimming certificate. I am also proud of mum and dad who take very good care of me.

My tip for people with autism: if you have a bit of tension in your head or body, do the bicycle pump. That is an exercise with breathing that I learnt in school. Also, take a quick rest if you notice that you get overstimulated.

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