"I’m proud of Lilly, my best buddy on paws." - Sietske

I’m Sietske. I’m 25 years old and I live in Groningen with my assistance dog (in training), Lilly. I like music, writing and walking in nature.

At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with ASD. I got stuck in life, especially when I started living on my own and studied Physiotherapy. My autism makes it difficult for me to switch gears and therefore I have difficulty with changes. I suffer from anxiety. Processing stimuli is also a challenge. In addition to the stimuli from outside, I’m also a deep thinker and I analyze conversations, for example. My head is often filled to the brim.

There are positive sides to my ASD as well, which actually make my life pleasant. I can become very enthusiastic about (sometimes small) things and I can express myself well in writing.

I’m proud that, despite the 'bumps' in the road, I’ve made more steps than I’ve ever done before. I’m also proud of Lilly, my best buddy on paws. I'm now writing a book about my road within mental health care and having a psychosocial service dog, which I love to do! If everything goes according to plan, the book will be finished around May 2023.

The tip I want to give to others with autism is: bloom like a flower, which dances in the rain. And save the bright sides in life.

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