"I’m afraid to make phone calls." - Mayke

My name is Mayke Bloem and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been diagnosed with autism, social anxiety disorder and depression since 2017. I dropped out of school because of this too.

I struggled a lot with myself, so I decided to write down my issues and started a blog. These blogs can be read at www.mijnlevenmetautisme.nl. This was such a success that a publisher approached me to create a book of these blogs, along with stories and experiences from the people around me. And that book is available now, it's called 'My life with autism' and can also be ordered through my website.

‌The impact of autism on my life is mainly the disadvantage that I’m afraid to make phone calls and I’m scared to go outside by myself. This makes it that I’m afraid to do anything alone and my boyfriend/mother have to go everywhere with me.

‌And of course I’m also very proud of my book. Since then I've made great strides in my life. I have overcome more fears and I have a better control of my depression.

‌My tip to everyone is: be yourself and be open about your struggles. If you don't dare or thin something is scary, discuss it so that others know about it. That way it’s easier for them to help you!

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