“I’m proud that I’m always truly myself.” - Lennie

Hi, I'm Lennie. I’m 18 years old and I love (making) music, animals, creative things and watching movies. Currently, I’m doing 5 vwo in regular education in Groningen. I was diagnosed with autism when I was eleven years old. At first, I didn't like that diagnosis at all. But later it started to feel better. It established a better understanding in my surroundings. In addition, I suddenly understood what was the cause of certain problems.

Because of my autism, I have a lot of anxiety. This limits me in my freedom of movement and my social contacts. Because of anxiety, I was unable to go to school for half a year during the past school year. I’m also easily overstimulated, which often makes me tired. I fall asleep almost every afternoon.

I’m proud of every time I overcome my anxiety. And I’m proud of the fact that I’m always truly myself. Because I am truly me, I sometimes get comments that I’m childish or not normal. I try not to worry about that, because I believe that age-related behaviour doesn’t exist. And I think it's normal and perfectly fine to be yourself, it makes you happy!

My tip for other people with autism: think about your strengths as well and don't just pay attention to the impossibilities. Be yourself!


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