"People with autism are still confronted with people who actively advise against starting parenting." - Eva

I’m Eva, I’m 28 years old. My love and I are having our baby soon! Today I'm a model, but most of the time I'm behind the camera. My hyperfocus is currently about pregnancy, childbirth and babies. My hobby is Feng Shui. The very best thing is cuddling with my hamster and the feeling of baby feet kicking in my belly.

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 14 years old. Before that, I was thought to be highly sensitive. The diagnosis helped me to understand myself better. Like why it took me more time than my classmates needed to learn certain things, or why I never fit in with the group. That didn't make things any easier or more fun, but at least I knew where it came from. I wasn't crazy, stupid or lazy. My brain just needed different things.

I'm still hitting the same walls now and I still need more time to learn something. Recently, I got my driver's license with only 'slightly' more lessons than I estimated (sarcasm). I still find social contact difficult. Fortunately, I have very neurodiverse friends who experience that same problem. They understand if it takes me 3 weeks to answer a message.

I’m proud of how my life looks like now. I can message friends with a joke or a problem. I’m in good contact with my family. I have a nice job with a daily structure and kind colleagues. I take good care of myself. I live in a super cool house and the most important thing: I'm with the best daddy my baby could wish for!

‌My tips: It's about balance. Accept that you have specific needs. Rest after doing something over-stimulating. Take action after doing something under-stimulating. Take care of yourself. Make your life pleasant.

I think it's important to join FANN at this point in my life, as a pregnant autist. People with autism are still confronted with people who actively advise against starting parenting. I don’t understand that. No, parenting isn't for everyone, but that also applies to people without autism. The choice here lies with the person themselves. You know yourself best, so you know best whether you can offer a child what it needs.

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