Mijn naam is Miranda Stevens, ik woon samen met mijn man, dochter en hondje Bae.
Fotografie is mijn passie, mijn grootste drijfveer. Het is de reden dat ik elke dag weer doe wat ik doe.

In samenwerking met FANN ben ik in het voorjaar van 2021 gestart met een fotoproject over autisme bij vrouwen.
Autisme is vaak onzichtbaar, het uiterlijk is blijkbaar (nog steeds) een graadmeter voor velen om te beoordelen of iemand autisme zou kunnen hebben. Zodra je niet past binnen dat plaatje kun je dus enorm lang niet gehoord en gezien worden.

Mijn doel is om met dit fotoproject meer kennis, begrip en zichtbaarheid te creëren rondom autisme bij vrouwen. De beeldvorming over autisme komt vaak niet overeen met de werkelijkheid.
Inmiddels heb ik al meer dan 70 vrouwen en meisjes met autisme mogen fotograferen. Deze website zal steeds aangevuld worden met nieuwe portretten en persoonlijke verhalen van vrouwen en meisjes met autisme.


Born on April Fool's Day 
I met my husband while I was in high school 

Becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me 

I'm an animal lover
My dog's name is Bae
I'm a total morning person, I like getting up early
I like long showers
I can get overwhelmed easily

The best advice I ever received was to be true to myself
I always pay attention to gut feeling
I'm fascinated by human behavior

I joined the navy when I was seventeen and sailed all over the world

The most beautiful place I've ever been is St. Thomas
I've visited 26 countries
After that I was a prisonguard for 22 years
Besides that I had my own photography business for 8 years
I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as
making a life 
I really, really, really want to visit New York someday
I love tattoos
My favorite food is sushi
I have a sneaker addiction
My favorite color is black

I have always been a visual thinker and a keen observer
My passion is photography and graphic design
My dad was a photographer
As a kid I spent most of my days in his development room
I  rarely take photos of myself
I also have a passion for interior
I can spend countless hours organizing things so that it looks like the way I want
I love scandinavian design

My interior is minimalistic
I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively

Sometimes people think I'm joking when I'm not
I'm very clumsy, I often bump into furniture or drop things
I've had surgery five times
I'm terrible at remembering faces

I can recognise a person by the way they walk, sit, or hold their head 

Some people have called me naive, but I believe in humanity
I like honest compliments but I don't like to be in a spotlight
I usually give people more chances than they deserve. But once I'm done, I'm done
I’ve learned that every single person has a unique story
 I admire people with good writing skills
 I am good with numbers and math (I get this from my dad)
 I don't like hidden agendas
 Sometimes words are not enough and that's why we have
 middle fingers    
 I think details matter
 I don't really get bored or lonely when I am on my own
 I don't like smalltalk
 Rather JOMO vs FOMO
 Sometimes I think I was born on the wrong planet
 My favorite thing to say is "make it make sense"
 I can listen to one song on repeat... for hours
 One of my favorite series is Once Upon a Time
 I spend far too much money on lenses and cameras
 I think photography is cheaper than therapy
 More to come....