"My autistic burnout lasted for several years." - Angelique

I'm Angelique (39), The Writing Autist @de_schrijvende_autist. I write about autism. My own life is a major inspiration. When I was in my late thirties, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

If you have been following me on Instagram for some time, you probably know me as Auri. That's the name I started writing about autism under while I still wanted to stay in the background for myself.

The impact of autism in my life is significant. I only know this ever since I started reading and learning about how ASD can express itself in girls and women. I now notice many characteristics associated with autism reflected clearly by myself.

I spend much of the time living in the safe and orderly world I have created for myself. Within it, I can live as I please and experience very little struggles. This base also helps me recover and cope with the things I struggle with.

Unfortunately, major problems developed that I could no longer manage myself because I did not know I have autism and became severely overloaded by events that breached my secure base. This pushed me into - I now know an autistic - burnout. This led to my autism diagnosis.

My autistic burnout lasted for several years. I look back on that period as a devastating fire. By now, the fire seems to be under control. Little remains of my life as it was before the fire. I sometimes still walk somewhat dejected among the smouldering remains. But I very slowly and carefully dare to start building again, and I am proud of that.

My tip to others with autism is to have the courage to choose the life that suits you. Or to take a step in that direction, even if it is only a tiny one. Even if others don't understand your choices. And even if you find those choices incredibly tense yourself.

By choosing for myself, I experience more and more freedom. This freedom and my own bubble help me lead a pleasant life, even with autism.

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