"I hope to become an experience expert." -Evi-Anne

I am Evi-Anne, 17 years old and I live in Overijssel. You might know me from my instagram account @‌eefsautiblog. I am currently not going to school, but work at the Jumbo. My special interests are writing and psychology.

I got my diagnosis when I was 16, about half a year ago. We found out after I went into a mental health crisis. I am very sensitive to stimuli. I don't like crowds. I get overexcited easily and have meltdowns to go with that. I also have trouble interacting with others. I can hardly think of any questions to ask and find it difficult to continue in conservation. I also have a lot of trouble dealing with changes. I can then panic intensely.

In addition, I prefer to avoid eye contact and need extreme clarity. Partly because of this, I dropped out of school. I do have plans to pick this up again. I would like to do HAVO in special education. That way, I hope to become an experience expert!

I am proud of my extreme creativity and perseverance. Without these two good qualities, I would not have reached where I am today. I love that I can enjoy all the little things in my life so much. That I can see the world differently. I am also proud of the fact that, little by little, I dare to be more myself and that I care less about what others think of me.

 A tip for other people with autism: walk your own path. You don't have to run with everyone else! If you run at your own pace, it's also good.

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