“Besides the difficulties of autism, I also see many strengths.” - B’Elanna

My name is B'Elanna. I am 24 years old. I live with my boyfriend Bram and my 2 cats in Roermond and am currently studying the pre-master Pedagogical Sciences at Radboud University. I am very interested in how parenting has (had) an effect on people's development. I also have a special interest in 50s clothing and love judo and drama.

up several times, I decided to go through a diagnostic process. It soon became clear that I am autistic. Now I get help from an autism coach, among others, to create a life that fits me well and gives me real satisfaction. Besides the difficulties of autism, I also see many strengths. I am analytical, eager to learn, dare to think critically and have a hyperfocus on topics that really interest me. I am also good at helping others.

I am proud that in my life I have always persevered and would never pretend to be anything else. I always want to keep evolving and never give up.
My tips for others with autism: there is nothing wrong with you. Autism tells you something about how you process information and what your strengths are, but also what your challenges are. Take time to get to know yourself and your needs and find something ("maybe with help") that really suits you and go for it, despite the fact that your environment may expect something else from you. Take care of each other, but never at the expense of yourself.

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