"I also experience beautiful autism moments". - Mary-Lou

I’m Mary-Lou, 26 years old, and I’ve been living together with my boyfriend in Dordrecht for 5.5 years. I work 36 hours as a business analyst/functional manager for a small organization. Besides my work I enjoy singing, meeting with friends, watching series, plants, gemstones, our hamster, and going out with my partner.

Autism affects how and if I approach situation(s) on a daily basis. Because I process information 'differently', I sometimes see more, sometimes less connections/details, which is both a curse and a blessing. Also, I’m not always able to communicate my experience of what is happening all that well, which may cause misunderstanding. I have to work hard to give socially acceptable responses and to be understood. I also have to think about my body language, intonation and expression. At the end of the day it makes me tired and overstimulated.

I also experience beautiful autism moments. I can experience emotions to an extreme degree, including joy and happiness. I get flooded by a complete warmth in my body. I’m straightforward, I have no hidden agenda. Yes means yes and no means no. I don't like a fuss, I prefer to be clear and explicit. I can be extremely fixated on certain areas of interest, which causes me to know a lot of facts about many ‘unusual’ topics. At work I can be extremely focused on tasks that other people “don’t feel like doing”, because I really enjoy them.

I’m proud, because I have achieved a lot: a stable homebase, a completed HBO education, a partner I can rely on, I work 36 hours a week and I have a group of friends. People with autism are not 'doomed'. Everyone is unique and has the same rights as others. We have beautiful talents. Our fellow human beings just have to use a little more effort to find it, accept it and use it in the right way. My tip for others with autism is that you can and may use your interests and specialize in them. This is not a sin, it is your way of being human and that is beautiful. Don't be ashamed, it's a gift!

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