I am very good at putting on a mask." - Sus

My name is Sus,  (@autismeverhalen ). I am 16 years old. Since the age of 7, I have known that I have autism ( at the time: Asperger's). Since 2018, this is called autism. I currently work at a restaurant and I am in the fourth year of secondary school (HAVO) in special education.
Autism has a very large impact on my life. For example, I cannot always participate in a family activity when I would like to. In addition, all the stimuli and stress prevent me from going to school.

It makes me proud every time I am at work and come back home. I always look up against stimuli and everything that is expected of me. Despite the fact that I am very good at putting on 'a mask', it seems like it consumes more energy at work than usual.

My tip for people with autism: This tip I once received myself, but it is also the most difficult tip (for me): follow your heart. If you think something won't work for any reason, follow and trust your gut and don't do it. Don't go with the mainstream because you think you should or because they are expecting you to.

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