"I developed PTSD and became depressed." - Nanda

Hi, I am Nanda, I am 31 years old and I live with my lovely husband, my son and my dog in the beautiful city of Amersfoort. I would describe myself as a creative introvert. And I'm sure we can have a long chat about travelling, films, series and games.

I am a huge go-getter and for years I forced myself to comply with what I thought was expected of me. So badly, in fact, that after an incident at work, I developed PTSD and became depressed. In the following years, I became overloaded a few more times. In the late 2020s, I was diagnosed with autism.
Daily stimuli, mainly (social) crowds and lots of information, manifest themselves in fatigue. Pain stimuli I feel too late, causing me to walk around with certain ailments for too long. Now sometimes I also feel less fulfilled, but this is often due to a busy day/week. I am overstimulated at that point and it gets better after rest.

I am proud of my family, of my parents and brother. And I am proud that I dare to be vulnerable at this point. That I know how to turn my lifelong struggle into something positive by becoming an online autismcoach: @‌nanda-arends.

My tip for people with autism: Now, or in a while, you will rock that diagnosis, I'm sure. Your brain may be a little different from your neighbour's. But your focus, eye for detail, sense of responsibility and honesty she would love to borrow for a day. We are at the beginning of a mental revolution! Every day, more and more people are opening up about bits of themselves they used to be ashamed of.

My tip: be yourself, because you really are an amazing person! So seek that help and then be proud, because that is such a powerful step.

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