"My autism helps me make links and see details that other people often miss."- Nathalie

I'm @ Nathalie Brandt, I’m 46 years old and I’m a mother of two children (@bruggen_bouwen ). I like walking in nature and I enjoy photographing what I come across during my walks. I also like exercising (fitness, swimming, kickboxing) and making music. I’ve been divorced twice and am currently happily in a LAT-relationship.

My autism helps me make links and see details that other people often miss. It also costs me a lot of energy to organise my life in such a way that there’s a balance between active time and recovery time. The slightest change in my routine can leave this balance in disarray. It’s difficult for me to switch between activities and I need a lot of time to let information and impressions settle. My autism also means I’m creative and I can passionately work on things that interest me. I often get underestimated, but overestimated as well.

‌I’m proud of my perseverance, my capacity for self-reflection and my eagerness to learn. It makes me happy to continue to develop myself and to include others in this as well.

‌My tip for people with autism? Don't let others tell you what you are and aren’t capable of. Know what you need to function and don't be afraid to ask for it. And if you’re faced with misunderstanding or ignorance, see it as an opportunity to educate.

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